North of Nowhere Press Kit


Developer: The Worst of Friends

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah



Predicted Retail Price: $30

Platforms: Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux), Consoles TBD

Predicted Early Access: Q4 2022

Predicted Full Launch: Q4 2023


Monsters, Cryptids, and Creatures of Folklore have long since been driven from civilized lands. After innumerable years living on the ocean, a mysterious gateway has been discovered in the Bermuda Triangle leading to a lost continent!


Play as one of the Monsters sent to Explore and Settle this new land! Along the way you’ll Collect local wildlife and Discover hints of an Ancient Civilization that once dwelled here.  Unlock some of their magic to Bend the terrain to your will!

Unbeknownst to the settlers, a mysterious Agency of Blackclad Individuals has followed them to their new home, sent by the world they left behind. Discover their motivations as you keep them away from your budding Community!


  • Real-Time Life Sim: Game time is set to the real world clock. Weeks will go by, seasons will change, and holidays will be celebrated whether you’re playing or not!

  • Multiplayer: Live in shared Villages, either through Online or Local Split-Screen, or Visit your friends’ Villages.

  • Terraforming: In only a few button presses, Raise, Lower, and Shape terrain! Build mountains and carve river valleys. You can even Terraform in Multiplayer!

  • Biomes: Found your Village in a variety of Biomes. From Appalachian inspired Forests to Central American inspired Deserts! Go on Expeditions to other Biomes to obtain Collectibles or Recruit potential Villagers!

  • In-Depth Villagers: All your neighbors will have their species, appearance, and personality Randomly Generated, that way everyone’s Village is unique. You could meet an Indoorsy, Downer Lake Monster who is into Decorating or a Cranky and Sarcastic Wendigo who is obsessed with Conspiracy Theories! Form Friendships and Rivalries by Chatting with them, doing their Chores, or Playing Mini-Games together.




About The Worst of Friends

The Worst of Friends was founded in May 2020 amidst the pandemic. Our group of friends has come together with one goal in mind: make experiences to share with the people you (and we) love.


Dane Carter - Engineer / Writer

Galen Frese - Producer / Writer / Designer

Alex Kofford - Engineer

Joe Moyle - Engineer

Jacob Nielsen - Producer / Engineer

Dani Powers - Game Artist

Jacob Reuling - Animator / Rigger


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